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easyJet Cuts Their Fraud Losses

Case Study

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How Accertify helped easyJet use fraud screening to cut their fraud loss on revenue by 39%.

After realizing since nearly all their bookings were made online, thus increasing their exposure to card not present fraud, easyJet knew they could hone their ability to distinguish between good and bad transactions to get the fraud rate lower and protect bookings by legitimate passengers. Their chief requirement was acquiring an analytical tool that provided them with more speed and flexibility – and especially the ability to manage the rule set themselves without requiring intervention by IT specialists.


easyJet chose the Accertify Fraud Management solution. easyJet planned its deployment of Accertify Fraud Management by first visiting several large airline customers and seeing how they were using the solution to minimise fraud in live environments. “This opened our eyes to the value of flexibility we previously did not have,” says Doyle. “Clearly, we needed a more powerful rule set, full customisation, with the ability to quickly adapt to changing fraud patterns.” A primary requirement was configuring the solution for granular manipulation of the fraud queue, allowing analysts to manage it in different ways as they made decisions during fraud investigations. After configuration and testing, deployment went live in April 2012.