On-demand: Covid-19 Impact | Merchants' Delivery Strategies

On-demand: How Covid-19 Is Affecting Merchants’ Strategies For Methods Of Delivery


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  • Time: 10AM CT

With lockdowns of stores quickly becoming the norm in light of the Covid-19 expansion prevention methods, consumers have now shifted to purchasing groceries and other supplies online only.

In order to survive as a business for the foreseeable future, merchants are being forced to adopt brand new strategies for delivery in real-time in light of unexpected volume increases. While this trend may boost their businesses if successful, it could increase their fraud risk due to contactless delivery and lack of required prevention (screening) methods in place.

From “Ship-to-Home” to “Buy Online Pick Up in Store” and “Curbside Delivery” – merchants are providing varied methods to ensure consumers receive their stock in good time. During this webinar we will examine the different delivery options and how several merchants are quickly adapting to this new world, along with the inherent fraud risks to be prepared for in this new mode of commerce.

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