How Device Intelligence Fortifies Digital Channels

On-demand: Fortifying Digital Channels with Device Intelligence


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How can you understand the reputation of someone opening an account when you have never met them?

Knowing Your Customer (KYC) is crucial for businesses, be they banks or retailers. In years gone by, banks required face to face interactions to open accounts. However, in order to compete, banks have been more reliant on account opening through digital channels. Similarly, E-retailers have always out of necessity needed to mitigate friction in account opening; and the luxury of validating a customer by meeting them is almost never a viable option. Offering account opening in a CNP (card-not-present) environment inherently increases risk, as it is more challenging to understand the intent of the person attempting to create an account, especially when they are not known to your business historically.

The challenge is to gather as much information to identify and mitigate risk in the early life of the account and understand the legitimacy of your would-be-customers – providing a frictionless sign-up experience for good users, and adding barriers, or blocking bad actors as early as possible.

Join our webinar to hear about how device technology in combination with user behavior analytics can help identify risks in new account openings:

  • Understand the digital footprint of your customers.
  • Identify fraud at account opening.
  • How to monitor new account activity to identify risk.
  • Insight gained through User Behavior Analytics in web/mobile app user journeys.