ID Theft, Application Fraud and Account Takeover

On-demand: The Dreaded Trinity: Identity Theft, Application Fraud & Account Takeover


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  • Time: 10AM CT

The Dreaded Trinity of Identity Theft, Application Fraud, and Account Takeover, commissioned by Accertify and produced by Aite Group, examines trends in identity theft, application fraud and account takeover (ATO) to reveal insights into how each of these criminal activities relate to one another and impact financial services providers, merchants, and any company that has an interest in managing the security of customer accounts.

Join our webinar featuring Aite Group to hear takeaways from the study:

  • The conditions of the pandemic have accelerated the growth of identity theft in the past year.
  • Increase in application fraud – using stolen or synthetic identity information to set up an account that is used to support criminal activity.
  • As attack rates have increased, so too has pressure from consumers to step up security measures that avoid creating additional friction in the user experience.