On-demand: Latest eCommerce Fraud Trends for Risk Strategy

On-demand: The Latest eCommerce Fraud Trends: Best Practices for Detection and Risk Strategy That Won’t Impact Customer Experience


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  • Time: 10AM CT

A recent survey, conducted by PaymentsSource/SourceMedia Research for Accertify, identifies emerging fraud trends that businesses are concerned about. Fraud prevention has historically been an exercise in saving money, but this survey shows that, managed correctly, it can also play a substantial role in increasing customer satisfaction. The balancing act between adding detection layers without impacting the genuine customer experience across a web journey is a fine art.

Join Andy Mortland, Vice President of Product, and Stuart Mann, Director of Product (and MRC European Advisory Board Member) as they walk you through the results from the survey, but more importantly: explain what steps companies should be taking in order to stay on top of emerging trends.

They will cover a variety of threats like account takeovers (ATO) and new account fraud (NAF). They will describe how companies can prevent these types of attacks with no impact to the customer experience, and without the fraudster being aware. They will also discuss how leveraging “invisible data collection” is a predictive way of analyzing risk versus trust and one-offs versus consistency.

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