How to Use Machine Learning to Automate Fraud Prevention

Demystifying Machine Learning: Tactics to Automate Fraud Prevention and Stay Ahead of the Criminals


Webinar Details

  • Date:
  • Time: 9AM SGT / 11AM AEST

Join Target, NewEgg and Accertify as we delve into the world of fraud prevention using machine learning. Hear from two leading merchants about the power of leveraging a 360 view of the transaction; before, during and after the transaction, for an optimal and frictionless customer experience and fraud risk protection.

While machine learning can be confusing and intimidating, this session will help you understand:

  • How machine learning can help augment your fraud prevention and risk detection strategy;
  • The best practices for utilizing machine learning;
  • The importance of industry-specific models;
  • Developing success criteria – what results should you see and when; and
  • Tips and tricks you can incorporate today to improve your fraud risk protection and customer experience.