Minimize eCommerce Fraud and Optimize Customer Experience

Minimizing Ecommerce Fraud with a Multi-Layered Strategy


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  • Time: 9AM CT / 4PM CET

The rapid growth in ecommerce throughout the world has brought more opportunities for online fraud. Ecommerce losses tied to online payment fraud topped $20 billion globally in 2021, up 14% from the previous year. Rising security threats from changing consumer behaviors and new digital data pose a serious threat to your brand’s revenue and reputation.

A multi-layered, holistic approach to fraud mitigation is crucial. In this webinar, experts from Digital River and Accertify will dive into key challenges that merchants face and outline various strategies and technologies to consider for strengthening security while maintaining a smooth ecommerce experience for your shoppers.

Join us for this conversation and give your organization a competitive edge in minimizing ecommerce fraud and optimizing the customer experience.