How to Resolve Chargebacks Disputes Effectively | Accertify

On-demand: Resolving Chargebacks & Disputes Effectively with Accertify Experts


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  • Time: 10am CT

With the global disruption of “business-as-usual”, merchants continue to face challenging times adapting to the unprecedented chargebacks and disputes volumes.

Enforced lockdowns resulting in cancellations of flights, events and tourism along with simultaneous supply chain impacts and high online purchases, have resulted in a surge of cardholders demanding refunds paired with disputing charges.

Join our webinar, hosted by Accertify expert to find the answers to pressing questions surrounding the complexities of chargebacks and disputes resolution, such as:

  • Best practices for winning cancellation and Merchandise-Not-Received disputes
  • Industry updates which have impacted disputes
  • Overwhelming dispute volumes: Suggestions on ways to prioritize and expedite the re-presentment process
  • Open Q & A

This webinar is being presented by Accertify Inc.

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