On-demand: Thriving in the Digital Transformation Age

On-demand: The Digital Shift: Thriving in the Age of Rapid Digital Transformation


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  • Time: 10am CT

As everyone does their best to adjust to new societal conditions, one thing is for certain: We’re quickly adopting an increasingly digital lifestyle. Less in-store, more online. Less cash, more contactless.

So, what does this mean for merchants? If they’re not careful, it could mean more fraud, more chargebacks and increasingly unhappy customers (and for some, it already has!).

Join experts from Accertify and Ethoca for an interactive session that examines the day’s top trends and outlines the strategies merchants need to know to succeed during the ongoing digital surge. This includes:

  • How to stop fraud without hurting sales.
  • How a digital first approach is the best way to reduce disputes and chargebacks.
  • How to fight friendly fraud through improved cardholder purchase insight.
  • How businesses should prepare for this year’s holiday period.

This webinar is presented by Accertify and Ethoca.

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