How to Use Device Intelligence to Manage New Account Risk

On-demand: Using Device Intelligence to Manage New Customer Risk


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  • Time: 10:00 a.m. EDT

Traditionally, banks required face-to-face interactions to open accounts. But to stay competitive, particularly in the past year, banks have been offering account opening through digital channels. This poses additional risk, as it is more challenging to understand the intent of the person at the other end of the application, especially when they are not known to the bank. Criminals often seek to use newly opened accounts to receive stolen funds from other sources and to establish seemingly legitimate banking relationships to commit fraud and financial crime in the future.

Listen this webinar, hosted by Nice Actimize and presented by Accertify to hear about:

  • Identifying risks to fraud in the early cycle at the account opening stage without adding friction to legitimate customers.
  • Using device technology to gather information on the person opening the account.
  • Protecting the consumer identity on the digital channels.