How Fraud Screening Protects Customer Loyalty Accounts

Safeguarding Customer Loyalty Accounts



Amadeus and Accertify have been partners since 2015. Accertify is integrated into the Amadeus Payment Platform to provide fraud screening services for our shared customers.

Many retail and hospitality companies use loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. As a case in point, many airline loyalty programs are a business unto themselves and are valued at $18-30 billion.

Now that people are starting to travel again, customers are accessing their loyalty accounts to redeem accrued miles and points they have saved throughout the pandemic.

Many loyalty accounts have been dormant during the past 18 months because members have not had any reason to access them or update their passwords. This puts companies at risk unless they have implemented a fraud screening solution that enables them to distinguish valid customers from cybercriminals.

In a recent guest blog post, Jeff Wixted, Vice President, Marketing & Client Solutions, described how Accertify’s fraud screening helps protect customers’ loyalty accounts. Read the blog post for more details.