Loyalty Fraud Preso Wins 2 MRC Vegas Virtual Ignite Awards

Accertify Loyalty Fraud Presentation Wins Two Awards at the 2021 MRC Vegas Virtual Ignite



Accertify’s presentation on Loyalty Fraud won two awards at the 2021 MRC Vegas Virtual Ignite Competition—one for “Most Memorable Session” and the other for “Coolest and Calmest Speaker Under Pressure.”

Loyalty fraud–where bad actors sell loyalty points on the dark web or transfer them to their own accounts, has become a big problem because hotel and air mile points are a form of currency and just as valuable as cash or credit cards.

As the travel, retail and entertainment industries recover, we are all wondering what the “new normal” will be concerning loyalty account fraud since it is just as damaging as traditional attacks on monetary accounts.

Eric Dawson, Accertify’s most memorable anchorman, provided unique advice on how travel and entertainment companies can “stay classy” while preventing loyalty point fraud. Listen to his presentation at MRC Vegas Virtual Ignite.