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It’s a huge responsibility to protect your organization’s reputation online and in mobile.

You shouldn’t have to handle all these exponentially expanding risks on your own.

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Transferring Risk

Security and fraud prevention systems that put the onus on vendors to protect transactions and data are getting popular with e-retailers. Many vendors..

Preventing Chargebacks: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

For card-not-present merchants, chargebacks are persistent, often frustrating and costly. While the issuing bank is the party responsible for repaying..

Reversing Friendly Fraud Chargebacks: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play

As retail merchants celebrate and recover from record-breaking sales in the 2015 holiday season, consumers are starting to receive their credit card s..

Addressing Delivery and Returns Fraud to Protect Profits

A fraud team usually focuses on the actions of professional fraudsters. These are the criminal pros who attempt to steal on a large scale using automa..

Online Merchants Need an EMV Era Fraud Plan

With the highly anticipated EMV liability shift now in effect in the U.S., merchants have been adopting point-of-sale terminals that can accept chip-b..

How Do You Protect and Grow Your Profits

Fraud evolves. Preventing chargebacks, lost-in-transit, and refund and return policy abuse losses in one process is efficient and improves performance..

To fight fraud, data must come in layers

Published by: PaymentsSource.comBy Andrew Bradish Fighting fraud in today’s world involves having access to the right datasets. With widespread acce..

For payment crooks, bots are the master key

Published by: PaymentsSource.comBy Andrew Mortland Imagine a big key ring, full of keys. Maybe it is the kind a janitor or building manager carries ..

‘What’s your pet’s name?’ is no way to authenticate someone

Published by: PaymentsSource.comBy Stuart Mann Many merchants may have thought that the Strong Customer Authentication elements of the European Paymen..