Paladin Vendor Report: eCommerce Fraud Prevention Solutions

The 2022 Paladin Vendor Report



The Paladin Report offers an unprecedented view into today’s fraud prevention platforms and solutions.  This report, gathered by industry experts at Paladin, provides detailed information on 28 solution providers and 24 solution vendors, to compile a comprehensive snapshot of the fraud prevention industry to date. Read more about Accertify, Inc. on 3D Secure, Chargeback Services and Fraud.

For convenience the report uses six categories to group vendors.

  • Fraud Platforms and Decision Engines
  • User Behavior & Behavioral Biometrics
  • 3DS and Consumer Authentication
  • Device Identification & Recognition
  • Identification and Data Verification
  • Chargeback Management & Platforms

Businesses need fraud prevention solutions, but it can be challenging to find the right eCommerce fraud prevention solution for specific fraud and risk needs. Download the Accertify snapshot here.